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Direct Primary Care

Your Own Medical Doctor

Your Own Medical Doctor! Anytime – 365

Dr. Naysha Isom and Isom MD provides a level of service that is unprecedented in traditional medical care. This is because of her innovative membership family medicine model. Membership healthcare allows Dr. Isom to deliver highly personalized care by removing all the traditional barriers set by insurance companies and large corporate healthcare entities.

We prioritize our patients' health, values and time instead of a hospital's bottom line.

This represents a stark alternative to the surprise bills, barriers to care and high costs of healthcare’s disappointing status quo. We utilize clearly-priced, subscription-based medical care and discounted, cash-based specialty & surgical care. Our goal is to ensure patients get the care they need from a trusted doctor, when they need it, for a clear price, in a convenient manner. Our patients enjoy a superior concierge-style experience that delivers peace of mind, comfort, privacy, and affordability without restrictions, barriers or frustration.

The only care that is accessible to everyone

We do not discriminate against insurance plans. It is the only experience that is open to everyone, everywhere. Member experience is elevated by education, familiarity, convenience, and trust.


Isom MD Other Primary Care
Same or next day visit with your doctor YN
Private waiting roomYN
Direct access to your physician after-hours and weekendsYN
Discounted labs, meds, imagingYRARELY
Appointments for non-medical concernsYN
Your complete medical history is knownYN
No co-pays or hidden costsYN
Relaxed and extended appointmentsYN
In-office procedures without additional costsYN
Minimal to no wait timesYN